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...The science of producing unreliable facts from reliable figures.


I thought it would be interesting to make a list of posts, which attracted most of attention and were most frequently clicked/visited/read/watched/listened (and hopefully enjoyed) by you. So here it comes... Any feedback is very welcome and will be much appreciated - after all only you can confirm whether these stats lie or tell the truth.

10. Orient Express

9. Salvador Dali's Alice in Wonderland

8. Islamic Design

7. The Dreamers

6. Out Of My Tree

5. Józef K

4. Le Refuge des Fondus

3. Has Anyone Seen A Tree Here?..

2. Art Nouveau Triumphs!

1. Tree Art


Μαριανα said...

Oh, I never saw Józef K before! Amazing place! This is a dream-cafe!

And your trees-of course. Glad they are in the top ten. As I see your amazing "trip to India posts" are fresh and not in the top ten yet. Next year I think they will be the number ones!

Regards gurl from Mediterranean! :)

Wini said...

HI Olga, What a great idea to make a post about your most popular posts! Its interesting that the most popular ones are mainly about art and design. I hope alls well with you!! Wini xo

SkyTrail said...

Hi Olga
I vote for Josef K.;) The world of Franz Kafka is strange, enigmatic and surreal. This must be his work’s attraction. I think “The Trial” is his best one.
If I had a rocking chair and a fireplace, I would have been more fan of Agatha Christie. ;)
Sky Trail from Tokyo

Olga said...

Thanks, Masa. I love that place, I can't spend a month without going there at least once... :)

Olga said...

@Wini - It is, isn't it :) I was hoping to find some about travels on this list... After all this is kind of a travel blog too...