Out Of My Tree

A while ago I engaged myself into a project in order to come to understand better and learn more about contemporary and avant-garde art movements. I chose a number of different art styles and tried to use their main techniques and characteristics in order to draw a simple tree. Today I am posting two of 11 works I have in total - the first tree is based on Cubism principles and the second one represents Abstract Art movement.

Images by Olga

I also couldn't stop myself from adding these colourful mosaics - the first inspired by cubism and the second by abstract art. I especially like the paintings-elements by Braque and Łempicka on the first one. By the way, Łempicka is one of my favourite artists - I will be posting more about her soon!

And from the second one - of course the great works of Kandinsky and Joan Miro!

Images via IWantMyOilPainting


Floss said...

Fantastic mosaics, and I really like your own work, too. It's a great idea to do the same subject in so many styles. I look forward to seeing your other works!

Halimas said...

I like your trees! U keep amazing me Olga ;) can't w8 to see the rest!

Mr Lee said...

I enjoy a lot of different art styles.Their styles and colors are nice.Looking forward to see more.I feel your life is very wonderful.
Happy every day!

Olga said...

Thank you all :)I promise to be posting more of my trees very soon! I'm really glad you like them ;)

raquel said...


thank you for taking time around my construction site..
but you process of learning and experience amazed me as well.
and because we all want more...how about a marcel duchamp tree?
see you later!

Olga said...

Hi Raquel! Nice of you to drop by.. I love Duchamp and you won't believe I was recently thinking of posting about him :) Well, if we are speaking about a tree - I think I would need to create some sort of an installation, photograph it and then post! Actually, it sounds like a fun idea, maybe I will even get down to doing this :D