Tree Art

Finally the time has come to post about the last tree I painted as a part of the contemporary art tree project I invented and already previously posted about several times.

Images by Olga

The last tree is one of the trees I like best not only because of the concept and colour but also because of what it represents - Pop Art - one of my favourite contemporary art styles. I'm sure Pop Art is one of the most known movements, so I'm not going to go much into the details about it. I can only say that what I like about it is its kitschiness and irony, connection to adverts, comic books and popular mass culture - all the very visual forms of expression!

I also thought it would make sense to put all the rest of the trees already mentioned before together in the same post. So here they come one by one:

Cubism tree from Out Of My Tree post:

Image by Olga

Art Nouveau tree from Art Nouveau Triumphs! post:

Image by Olga

Suprematism tree from Tree time post:

Image by Olga

Futurism tree from Trick or... Tree? post:

Image by Olga

Post-Impressionism tree from Has Anyone Seen A Tree Here?.. post:

Image by Olga

Dada tree from Art Nouveau Triumphs! post:

Image by Olga

Expressionism tree from Has Anyone Seen A Tree Here?.. post:

Image by Olga

Abstract Art tree from Out Of My Tree post:

Image by Olga

Impressionism tree from Trick or... Tree? post:

Image by Olga

Constructivism tree from Tree time post:

Image by Olga

Although I actually painted the trees a while ago I enjoyed the whole process very much as I learned really a huge deal about the mentioned (and not!) movements of contemporary art and I was quite pleased with the results. Definitely with time I discovered (also with some bloggers' help :)) some mistakes I made representing each style - so there are lessons learned and things to work on! I'm very curious about your thoughts and feedback about the trees. Which one is your favourite and which do you like least?


Cal said...

I'm amazed at the many interpretations. What a creative mind and talent you have Olga.
Cal x

Lisa said...

Wow, I could never do this. You are so artistic Olga! My favorite is the Art Nouveau tree, the background reminds me of books on a library shelf and I LOVE how the roots wrap along the ground and around the bottom of the tree. It's beautiful! My least favorite? That's a tough one Olga, I guess it would be the Suprematism. I'm not sure why though.

Lisa :)

Ashley said...

So Beautiful. I am obviously very drawn to your Klimt tree. I do like you constructivism tree although my understanding of that is it has to have a clear purpose (ie not just for arts sake -which is hard to do) thus making yours more of a suprematism tree (which you already have). He he - whatever I love it. It is a great collection. If I were an art teacher still I would steal this and turn it into a class project.

juanitatortilla said...

You're such a great artist, Olga.
Thank you for this 2-minute art lesson (I know nothing, to be honest!). The styles I've come to like -based on your tree paintings- are Cubism, Art Nouveau, and Impressionism! I fancy the Pop Art tree a well!!!

Diatton said...

Seeing this post, i saw that you are an artist, really! So, i am very glad that we have been communicating for some time (...trying to avoid the mass, you already know that).

Michela said...

You're so talented at painting!
Mmmm the choice is very hard among Klimt/Art Nouveau tree, Mirò/Dada tree and Monet/Impressionism tree...

Floss said...

It's lovely to see them all together, Olga! Rather unadventurously, my favourites are your interpretations of Art Nouveau, Futurism and Impressionism. I just find them the softest and most comfortable images, although I realise that comfort isn't what art is all about! However, even though I can enjoy the less comfortable images, like your pop art one (ouch!) I cannot imagine them in my house, as I like to relax at home...

Helen said...

I can't pick one! They're all so lovely! you're amazing... I thin I like the last one best, but I don't quite know why...

SuvvyGirl said...

I really like those, you have such an awesome talent. I painted a forest scene once while watching Bob Ross...I painted happy trees :P Your trees turned out much better :) I think my favorite is the very first one though. I like the colors and how it all fits together.

Condessa said...

Uau, LINDAS!!!

SkyTrail said...

Hello Olga. How are you today?
You are such a talented person that you may be busy everyday. :)
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But,I enjoy this hot political campaign in hot summer with my tomcat, named Teo.
Bye :)

Floss said...

Hello, Olga - I've met another tree artist! I think you might be interested in her work and what she says about it:

Olivia Orso said...

My favourite is the art nouveau tree! It really makes me think about Klimt.

Viagens pelo Mundo said...

Hello Olga,
I want to leave you my deep congratulations for you amazing work. I love your art work and the skills you show for drawing and painting. Colours are deep and profound and I must confess that my favourite in the Art Nouveux tree. I look at it and I've always seemed to me a lady with a big hat...and I even can't help thinking on Audrey Hepburn, (one of my favourite actresses), with that big black hat on that film "Breakfast at Tifanny's".
By the way, I spoiled myself in Rome! I bought a large black hat, "très chic" ! :) Love TI

Fernando said...

Hello Olga !!!!!.... I'm glad to know how much you will !!!.... The truth is that your project on the "tree art" that seems to yield !!!... I think very nice. Although I will give a "tip" (not if you know) ... to give light to the colors merge with "ivory" instead of white. Your mixed colors were much better, more "warm". Sorry for my terrible English.

Kot Kudłacz said...

Zaprasza do obserwowania earphonesinmyhead. Zwłaszcza jeśli kochasz winyl. Kochających jest naprawdę dużo.

jeannette stgermain said...

Thanks for coming over to my blog! I can see that you spent a MUCH thought, time and energy in your series of trees. I like the cubist and the last one the best, because of their originality.
My blog is more shooting from the hip in putting down my experiences, feelings, etc. Am curious which tree you like best yourself and why?

marco said...

My favourite is the "hammertree" insane and radical...two thumbs up!!!
Very good job Olga!!!!

Fernando said...

My favorite tree, perhaps the impressionist. I think that it has fully captured the essence of the artistic movement. The light and colors. Congratulations Olga

Fernando ;-)

Anonymous said...
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Olga said...
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Matteo Nagawika said...

Hi I'm following now too!!
Good gathering of people here you seem to be able to create. The collection of trees 'in style' blew my mind. Excellent operation! And hey great music as background. I also emailed you about my novel, see you ;)! Thank you
Matteo Naga