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All things lavish and beautiful, all the torn notes and salty tears, all the rhythms of life and the rhymes, all the burning feelings, the ever impatient anticipations, the pains of pleasure, the charms of sopot nights, attention, the memory losses and cigarettes, easily distracted and frequently contradicted, the self destruction theories, mad to live, mad to talk, desirous of everything at the same time, all the conversations with strange people, the sunrise at the beach, the redbull insomnia, the naked and famous, the warmths of nights, the nights of warmths, the serious conversations.. and the 2nd first time...


This is exactly how I feel right now. They couldn't have said this better..!


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Don't you think there's something lovely about growing up and still being friends with the people you knew in school - even better - watching your friends create beautiful things, get awesome jobs, make a name for themselves and succeed!