Some very warm (not to say hot) memories from this January, spent in the strikingly beautiful part of the world. It was - and still is - hard to believe this beauty really exists - so untouched and authentic... but it does - such a calm and even solitary place where nothing seem to be able to go wrong.

Photos by Olga & Arek

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via Emma Nygren

image from US Vogue - December '69

One of these months:

8hr train ride, Eastern Poland with all the local food, 'Pulp' is here this summer, deers and foxes in the snow, -23C, no more direct flights to Iceland, cheese cake without cheese, 'Somewhere' by Coppola, the electric-blue mazda3, working from home, freezing nose, thoughts of going around Iceland in June, not looking forward to hospital, too much caffeine, Hringvegur, any good movie to watch?, looking for things which make sense at work and not finding them, potato pancakes, Clocky,

March On My Tumblr

Have you yet had a chance to check out my Tumblr?. Below are the snapshots of images from March - hopefully you feel inspired :).

photos by Olga

Pride And Prejudice And Zombies

First thing I thought wen I saw this book was: '...What?', but then it got me curious.. Has anyone read it yet? Something is telling me soon there will be a whole series of classics remakes in the similar fashion. Well, the first one is always the most interesting.

First 3 chapters of the book can be found here if you are curious.