Here 'N There, This 'N That

Seems just minutes ago..

snow behind the window, the Knife cutting through the speakers, soft pajamas, coffees with Dutch waffles, really gotta take a bath, lots of stuff on my mind, laziness but lots to do, another week has passed, the theatre, The Damned, and its full frontal scenes, ..need to go to the theatre more often, strawberry tea, Mon Balzac, no smoking in the smoking zone, live music, double buss and trumpet, the warmth of being with friends, shyness all over the place, ..broken vein, numbness and blood sampling.


Seems just hours ago..

beautiful Ursaab, which could persuade me to drive again, (why are the Swedes so good at design?), Black Swan - no, this is not what passion looks like, neither does a good movie, thick taste of malbec late in the night, flash-backs, going to ballet every second week during student years, Swan Lake ballet back in Minsk, the grandeur, Bo Concept Japanese dolls, night at a blues club, (does beer go well with blues?), raspy blues voice, Tortilla's in town, make-up sex, exotic fruit drinks, exotic fruit discussions, team night out, crowded smoky clubbing, and we should completely ignore Feb, 14.



lights in the dusk said...

Enjoyed the stream of consciousness approach (and the picture of the car). You should write more in this style, maybe about your travels or just random thoughts/stories. It's very readable. :)

Olga said...

Thanks, Adrian. I kind of enjoyed it myself... What I usually write bores me to death when I reread :) - while this was even ok..