Something I recently changed about the flat. The paper lamp below used to look somewhat like this, but smaller before.


Photos by Olga

I easily get bored with things and interiors (actually with lots of other things as well to be honest), but I don't like to buy new stuff especially as it is getting harder to get something really unique. IKEA is very practical - but doesn't everyone have IKEA these days? My Dad mailed me some stamps from our collection - we used to collect them together when I was little - so I stuck them to an old paper lamp we had. Easy peasy :) It actually turned out nice - and now gives that dim warm light to the hall which it was previously lacking.

If interested here is the other lamp I made a while back. Lamps seem to be a great thing to play with.


lights in the dusk said...

That's lovely, Olga. Very creative. :)

Juanita Tortilla said...

OH it certainly changes the mood in the home! Nice one.

Olga said...
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