Art Nouveau Triumphs!

As promised I'm adding more images of my trees today. As previously mentioned I drew each of them trying to reflect and represent one particular style of modern art. Today's first tree is actually my favourite one :), because it is an Art Nouveau tree, and for me Art Nouveau is something really outstanding and exquisite.

Image by Olga

I found this beautiful collage of Art Nouveau posters and couldn't help adding it to this post:

Image via Google

And here are some images of Art Nouveau decor and furniture, there is a whole section devoted to this in Musée d'Orsay in Paris, so if you like it - this is definitely something for you:

Images by Olga

My second tree for today is a Dada tree.

Image by Olga

Dada - although slightly less known in comparison to previously mentioned Cubism, Abstract Art and Art Nouveau - is a very important movement, because it gave birth or rather developed into Collage and Photomontage. 'Dada Triumphs' is a classic dadaist work by Raoul Hausmann:

Image via Google

More trees to come next week, stay tuned! ;)


Floss said...

Wow! The Art Nouveau tree's the one for me - it's beautiful! Thanks for the history and other examples of each style, too.

Déjà View Designs said...

So beautiful! WOW!

Shabby Chick said...

Hi Olga

Thanks so much for visiting my blog, I think I will paint the dresser at some point (time always being a problem!).

I love art nouveau as well, I really love the old absinthe posters you sometimes see.


The Whispering Poppies said...

What a stunning art nouveau tree! I love its colors.

Thank you for visiting my blog today! Yes, I make the items I sell in my etsy shop. Many of the items I find here locally. Other supplies I can find right on etsy.

I see you are from Poland! My Mom's side is from Poland (and Lithuania). The family was all from Meilana(?) - I'm not sure if that place exists under that name any longer.

Fernando said...

Do you speak Spanish? ... Your work is very interesting, the truth is to transform a plant such as why a tree, a pictorial style, I think a good idea. Now, if I may advice to test the tree-inspired art nouveau in softer colors, more subtle, the result will improve. I hope to hear from you. visiting your blog ... to see how you fare. A kiss.

Lululiz said...

Oooh, Art Nouveau is my favourite design period. I am a soapmaker and I use Art Nouveau designs for my labels etc. I absolutely adore the Art Nouveau tree, it is just stunning!

Olga said...

Thank you very much ALL for your precious comments and encouragement :)

Mel - good luck with the dresser!;)

Whispering Poppies, your work is very beautiful. I am not Polish, I come from Belarus, but now I live and work here. Not sure about Meilana, tried to Google, but with little result.. :(

Fernando, I do speak Spanish :) Thanks for your advice, I think you are very right in what you say! Such bright colors are not very typical for art nouveau.. Thanks for this idea, I'll try to play with the picture first and see how it looks like with more subtle colours :)

Kris said...

Olga, Thanks so much for your recent visit and for leaving a comment.
The Art Noveau trees are incredible. The colors are rich and complimentary of one another. The background is unexpected, but nicely blends. Very cool.
Can't wait to see more.


Olga said...

Thanks, Kris :) I will post some more this week - hopefully very different to the 2 from this post. Cheers!

Anonymous said...

All in due time.
The word of honour.

Anonymous said...

I have removed this phrase

Olga said...

Do I know you?

TATI said...

hello, would need to know who is the painter of the first post work, the green tree.

Olga said...

Hi Tati,

Thanks for dropping by. Sorry, I have never got a notification about your comment for some reason. I was the one who painted the tree.