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A few times in my life
I've had moments of absolute clarity,
when for a few brief seconds the silence drowns out the noise
and I can feel rather than think,
and things seem so sharp.
and the world seems so fresh.
I can never make these moments last.
I cling to them
but like everything, they fade.
I have lived my life on these moments.
They pull me back to the present
and I realize that everything is exactly
the way it was meant to be.

Quoted from A Single Man

A Single Man

I haven't seen anything this good for a very long time.


With Freedom, Books, Flowers, And The Moon, Who Could Not Be Happy?

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It has been a while... And now as I'm writing here I realize how I missed you all. And it feels good to be back.. And it is almost as if I never left.. And also it is as if it has been years and years ago and as if I was miles and miles away from here... And most importantly it feels so warm and cosy... again.

The break was a good thing to do. Summer is always hectic, but when blogginng gets hectic it is something which one can easily stop loving...

Oh, I've been around this summer, you would not believe
starting with sunny Paris
going on to the magic Norway
then all the way to St.Peters passing thru Moscow
leading -> HOME HOME HOME :)
followed by an escape to Valencia for a weekend
...and the adventure of running out of pages in the passport straight after, and having to go back home to get it changed <- HOME HOME HOME
continued by the absolute best summer break in Portugal
and quickly ending with a working week from London
- which was last week!

You would think life is nice and easy this way. Actually it is a bit more complicated than that. First, add full time job in between of the above, throw in friendships, relationships, ... some random thoughts. And then mix this with the memories from the past, taking care of pets, packing at the last moment and lots of reminiscences of each day. Throw in some more work, as the mixture might still be lacking its flavour... Add visiting parents. Then goes absolutely the best ingredient - a 3 months assignment in India which will start for me this October (oh boy, MUST I find the time to blog from there) Then add getting promoted in the end... - which was last week!

Would you find time for blogging in my place? I know you would! Sadly I didn't :( But I am planning to do so now. It is good to be back.