The Dreamers

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There are movies which can absorb you from their first minutes, sometimes by too many coincidences with your own life, by the mood they set (however elusive and hard to define it might be at times), sometimes by the pure beauty of the images. The Dreamers is one of those films for me...

Undoubtedly the shots of The Dreamers are very impressive. As in other films by Bertolucci, practically every shot could be cut out and studied hours at an end for its elegance.

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But more important are of course the views put into the eyes of the film's main characters (living in 1968), who seem to live within the movies they love, playing with their favourite lines and imitating the protagonists.... The cast brings the vividness, beauty and tension into every scene of the movie, making it really hot. Ignoring the political chaos taking place in the streets, they surrender to their own experiences, developing their views on life, to the wild discoveries, to the game between friendship and love, pleasure and suffering. Eventually this game clashes with reality like it happens in real life and I think this is what makes the movie and its ending very particular... Needless to say the soundtrack is also great.. (You are listening to it now :)

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SkyTrail said...

Hi Olga! How have you been in Gdansk in these days? How is your work going along?
Thank you very much for following!

About your 20 plans. :)
Going abroad is always enjoyable. Especially a trip to the India must be interesting and exciting.
I think most of the kids in the world are taught the multiplication table up to 9 times 9, or 12 times 12. But Indian children memorize it up to 19 times 19. Great!
And philosophy of India is profound and a bit mysterious. I hope your plan will come true.

It’s always a great pleasure to chat with you and to read your nice blog.
Good luck. :)

Helen said...

Hi Olda, I've never seen this movie, but I might go and find it just so I can hear the soundtrack, it's beautiful!

Diatton said...

It seems to be a nice movie, Olga. I trust your opinion...