Tree Time

The time has come for another two trees from my collection! This time I tried to have them more connected to each other by topic - or rather art movement, which they represent. Both of the movements I am presenting today were originated in Russia at the beginning of XX century. First of all let's look at Suprematism - the first movement of pure geometrical abstraction in painting, originated by Kazimir Malevich in about 1913. I enjoyed creating this tree in the similar style as suprematists developed for their paintings.

Image by Olga

Malevich explained that in Suprematism “the appropriate means of representation is always the one which gives fullest possible expression to feeling as such and which ignores the familiar appearance of objects.” I'm pretty sure everyone remembers his 'Black Square' painting.

Another art form is probably a bit less known, but still very interesting - it is Constructivism, which denied 'art for art's sake' concept presented previously by my Dada Tree in favour of art as a practice directed towards social purposes. I'm very curious about your immediate thoughts and reactions on this one:

Image by Olga


Floss said...

Hello Olga - thanks for putting your name on the guest list for my party! I don't really think there are set rules for how you do this kind of thing; it's just a case of everyone having a bit of fun on that weekend and posting something with a garden party feel, and visiting each other's blogs to see what else has been posted.

My elder son and I have been looking at your trees today. He says, of the first one: 'it's like a future tree, that someone could live in'. Of the second one he says: 'I like it, but it makes me feel wierd at the same time'. It makes me feel wierd too - it's very active for a two-dimensional picture. I'd like to know more about its meaning.

Floss said...

OOps - I can't spell 'weird' today!

Olga said...

Hi Floss :) - thanks for stepping by - I will be curious to participate in the event and garden parties seems like a wonderful topic for a beautiful post :)!

About the trees... it is really cool you showed them to your son - kids always have most unexpected perceptions of things ;)I'm glad the first one looks as if it even can be 'lived in' :) In terms of the second one - when I worked on it I tried to make it more 'alive' than the one representing Suprematism, that's why you can see the warmer colours, more natural ones as well (more of green on the tree & the sun is more colourful as well, warmer background)and I guess there is a bit more shape and movement in this work, it is the direction which is different from the first one. I guess I tried to express less restriction and more freedom, form and colour here in contrast to the first one.

Eliana Pessoa said...

Hi Dear Olga

Thank you so much, I love when new people visit my blog.

All that you post its so interesting. I loved the post "Trick or... Tree? " Is a beautiful image!

I hope you visit me always.