Ready :)

So I think I'm now ready to tell you about my summer adventures and share some photos. Here comes a little preview..

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Image Source,Photobucket Uploader Firefox Extension
images by Olga

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Michela said...

Mmh, are those sugared almonds perhaps?! ;D
Thank you for taking the time to leave me such a nice comment!
Please hurry up with your coffee!

Insomniamental said...

Me gustan mucho tus fotos Olga, si me permites la expresión, creo que tienes unos ojos muy agudos, capaces de poner atención a aquello que para la mayoría de los ojos pasa desapercibido y que es muy bello.
Me alegra que las cosas estén marchando bien. Es un gusto que vuelvas a postear. Esta pequeña muestra de tus aventuras de verano me deja con muchas ganas de ver más

Olga said...

Michela, those are ... pebbles :)but now that you say it, I'd prefer them to be almonds :P

Insomniamental - muchas gracias por visitarme. Siempre es un placer!

Paralelo Longe said...


About the picture is great but really, this is the worst campaign that Benetton has ever made!! It's really disgusting but I guess that they achieved their goals, everyone is talking about them. Hugs

Olga said...

Hi Ti, I'm not too sure I know what you mean... Are you referring to the famous 'United Colours' campaign by Benetton? This is not it :)

'The Fraternal Kiss' is a famous Berlin Wall painting - which is still there (painted during the euphoria following the fall of the Wall), depicting the former leader of the Soviet Union, L. Brezhnev, in a lip lock with the former head of East Germany, E. Honecker.