Photos from Alice's blog

There is something about this video produced by 2 Italian artists from EcceStudio that keeps me watching it all over again... the squeaky trembly beginning, the mysterious setting, the fluidity of the shapes, the texture of the paint covered hands, the light, i guess one could call it disturbing but I'd rather go with - captivating... See for yourself - I'm very curious how it makes you feel. Music is by anonymous French project Arandel - currently played on the blog.


renilde said...

Mmmm; interesting I can see myself in it, the process of creating, looking ,struggling to find the right form, sometimes slightly upsetting when it doesn't work as you wanted it to, but the paint is patienced and then you see where you have to go.... XX

SkyTrail said...

Thank you,Olga. I’m alright.
And you? Are you OK now?
Tokyo was safe. But, the northern part of Japan was terribly damaged. We must do our best. It is, in a word, the battle of Japan.
Take care.

Olga said...

Masa, I must say it's a relief to hear from you, I was starting to get worried. Thank you for the note. I'm with Japan in my thoughts. Many around me are deeply touched by what happened. I hope things will gradually go for the better, especially in the light of the current challenges.

Μαριανα said...

Sound and image, it's a great combined artwork. I like the shapes, especially the ones that are in this landscape where the photos you placed above has been taken.
Thank you for showing us this interesting video Olga!
kisses gurl xxx