Felix Valotton



lights in the dusk said...

Great selection of images Olga; I especially like the use of colour in the first one, and the composition of the last.

On a more trivial note, my cat is called 'Felix', although he's named after the black and white cartoon cat from the silent film serials.

Paralelo Longe said...

Thanks for sharing these paintings from Felix Valotton, which I haven't heard before. I've read about him in Wikipedia and I understand he had an important role on the post impressionism and on the development of the woodcut. (Do you remember Mr.Lee and his Bible Story? That was woodcut)It's really interesting to share these knowledges. I liked the first painting a lot. Colours are vivid, bright and happy and it has something sensual that reading pose. Hugs (have you read my mail? :)) yes! Hugs)

Olga said...

Adrian - thanks. Wow, I only knew about the later versions of 'Felix the cat' cartoons. The ones from the 20ies are very vintage! Give Felix a pat :)

Olga said...

Ti, I think Mr. Lee was a paper cutter (I did a post on his work a very long time ago: http://whereareyouolga.blogspot.com/2009/05/chinese-paper-cutting.html#axzz1HK3OpzjV. It's a pity his blog was closed later on. I keep thinking it had to do with the censorship - he mentioned something on one of the e-mails...

Yes, the first painting is also my absolute favourite! (have you got my replies? - am getting confused here...) Hugs back!

Green thumb said...

Never heard of this painter before!
I don't know why, but shapes and colours remind me of Klimt.
Hope you're feeling better Olga!
Take care!