Japanese Dolls and All Their Children

image via Emma Nygren

This thought keeps coming back to me.
Yesterday, today, morning, noon, evening...
Damn, it doesn't allow me to concentrate...!

And time and again I arrive at a conclusion how in this hectic life while being surrounded by so many people one is still lonely and can only count on oneself. How people are together and how they share some things in common and have different opinions on some other things, but at times how hard it is to stay true to yourself and still have the support of the other. Is it really possible to find balance?

Is it really too selfish to follow your own beliefs? Of course life is about a constant compromise with other people, but how much can you compromise to stay true to yourself? On the other hand trying hard to be independednt in everything results in a complete isolation. For the weak-willed that is. But hey, that's me. I'm lonely when I'm alone.

I keep quietly detesting all the 'rules' which keep imposing on my life, but then again it's not like I'm not following any. But I know one thing. Today I'm not ready to compromise. Even though it seems like there is no other choice.


Juanita Tortilla said...

As much as we like to think (that we are independent thinkers), we are very much affected and influenced by everything and everyone around us.

... could this be about marriage, or getting married and "settling down"? I'm only guessing this from the picture.

Olga said...

:) Actually it is straight the opposite: about NOT settling down.