'Revenge' video by Lernert & Sander

Video via Vimeo

Again, I'm quite curious about your opinions :)


Anonymous said...

mmm...what kind of lesson can we take from this video?
Being an egg it's a hard life.


I think the message is:- we can go along people, the same way in life and yet not to hurt anybody around interesting quest! Indeed!
Thank you Olga for passing by my blog and for your kind words, here we also go along the same way but we do not hurt, but help and give courage to others.....
HAPPY XMAS to you,

Anonymous said...

But...why is it called revenge?

Linden Arden said...

Times are hard-boiled for eggs like us?

Μαριανα said...

If we see the egg and the different objects as transfigured humans, maybe we can find a relation between:
# the egg and the bowling-ball (a revenge that didnt find its target),
# the egg and the hammer (a revenge that found its target quick) and the
# egg with the champagne (a revenge that is coming silent like a snake, but turns out to be an endless stream)

yea, well that could be a point of view. I'm sure there are much more

Olga said...

Thanks all for sharing your impressions.

I was also thinking about the title and for me it remains a mystery why the authors decided to call it like that (they never explained).

What I liked about the video is the way it's done, it's minimalism of it and slow movement, well chosen music and of course the colours. I found it a great video to watch - every detail is captured so well. I love the moment of tension when the cork is about to hit the egg and then the splashing sparkling wine pouring out is beautiful.

iva yaneva said...

Is it weird that all I can think of is how they managed to keep the egg straight? :))
I love the champagne at the end - it looks like a fabulous river :) And I love Μαριανα's point of view!