Debate: Is This Art?

The Rotating Kitchen by Zeger Reyers was put into motion during the opening of the exhibition 'Eating the Universe' at the Kunsthalle Düsseldorf, Germany. It will keep rotating slowly till February 28th 2010.

I am very curious to learn your thoughts and opinions about this installation. What do you think of this?

Video via Vimeo


marco said...

..weird life..i wanna drink some beer in !!!!
this is art????
no this is a rotatin' kitchen i suppose?!?!?!?!?
bye Olga

p.s. i'm fine thanks

juanitatortilla said...

Olga, obviously I don't even know what "art" means. But this rotating kitchen has got me curious -- I like to see things falling, and would like to know the outcome of it by the end of 28th Feb 2010. (e.g. Will the kitchen be empty, and how damaged?)

Diatton said...

Good that you posted it Olga, in order to talk about it! Well, i don't understand the reason of this installation. Maybe, it has to do with the "Rotating Minds" of the silly Modern Times we all live!

Good morning my friend...

Olga said...

I was hoping to generate some more discussion here, but thanks for the comments - I'm glad it provokes some reaction!

Diatton said...

But you kept this post only one day my friend. You might had some comments in the next day...

Olga said...

Thanks, Diatton. Sure, this post is still waiting for your comments and reactions - the discussion is far from being closed! So your sencere opinions are very much welcome! :) (I probably post too much these days :P)

iva yaneva said...

Well, although I don't really enjoy such kind of art, I must admit I do admire artists who have the strength and courage to display such things. Because lets face it - they get a lot of criticism. It's really controversial and a very interesting topic to discuss :)

Diatton said...

My opinion for the fact you posted was said in my previous comment (i do like to say my opinion, you know). About the fact you post too much lately, i also noticed it and i am glad about it...

Anonymous said...

It reminds me of an earthquake.
Or a kitchen of a boat that's sinking.
About art...well...i don't know.
One i saw on the internet a dog which was left dying of starvation and they called it art.
Art is everything and nothing.
One thing i appreciate of this rotating room is the time.
I mean there's something that keep you watching for all the time of this "exibition". You know that nothing's gonna happen except stuff flying around but you still watch.
I think every represetation of chaos somehow attracts people.
Shows how our normal life is fragile, it takes just 5 minutes to destroy this perfect kitchen.

Olga said...

I think what makes this piece so interesting is the fact how much thought it stimulates and discussion it provokes. Can it for this reason alone be called art?

If someone actually stopped to think about this and wasn't left indifferent - the 'kitchen' achieved it's purpose. Aesthetic value is questionable, but many can agree - it does keep you watching.

As for dog left dying I think that's plain cruelty. Your comment reminded me of the famous fotograph taken by Kevin Carter of a starving girl and the vulture and all the controversy it caused..

Anonymous said...

I think there is a difference between estetic arts like paintings, photography, music, cooking even...and this kind of art which is not estetic i mean it's not something you can say if it's beautiful or not (even if it's always a subjective opinion).

This as you said in other words i think it's a sort of psycological art.
There's nothing beautful about this kitchen, nothig genius (like paintin the monalisa for example) but it's something normal shown in a strage way.
Like it is the video of the egg.
So you just keep wathing a thinking.
In this case if they destroyed the kitchen in a second with a bomb, noone would have been interested: but this slow decadence, objects being destroyed one by one, is an original way of showing the situation.
And that's why we are talking about this. ^^

Olga said...

It is quite interesting you define this as a pchychological art. I think I understand your idea and I quite like it. This is definitely something different from we can call conventional art as it uses other mediums. But the effect is quite good and surprisingly powerful.

Thanks, Matteo!

Anonymous said...

Yeah it's powerful.
I think it's because of the context too.
You see this thing in a white empty room. There's no sound except the noise of things falling down.
And there is this tension, this waiting for something by everyone in the room.
So, i think it's all the situation together that makes this impression.