Little Ashes

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If I'm going to be anything more than average, if anyone's going to remember me, then I need to go further in everything: in art, in life, in everything they think is real: morality, immorality, good, bad... I, we, have to smash that to pieces, we have to go beyond that, we have to be brave. No limits...
Salvador Dalí

I think this movie isn't for everyone. It's deeply emotional and dramatic, telling a complex and emotional story about Frederico Garcia Lorca and Salvador Dalí during their young years at the university when they embarked on conquering the world... It's about feelings, thoughts and passion experienced by the main characters - and their relationship during their university years (background of the plot).

This is an independent non-commercial motion picture which had extremely limited distribution, in only a small number of countries. It will never become too popular as it is totally different from movies with multi-million budgets, special effects and all the pop-culture... Movies like "Little Ashes" always stay beyond wide public attention, but honestly, it is better this way :)

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"Cenicitas" (eng. 'little ashes') is the painting which inspired the movie title.

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SkyTrail said...

Hello Olga. Are you fine today?
I got an amazing report about Chinese junior H.S. students. Can you guess how long they study at school everyday?
From Monday to Friday, they study more than fourteen hours a day. On Saturday, more than eleven hours. They study six hours even on Sunday.
Can you believe it, Olga?
It’s almost twice as long as that of Japanese students. I hope they study the proverb that all study and no play make Jack a dull boy. :p
China will become the major power in the world.
By the way, why you can write English so naturally? I think the English language isn’t your mother tongue. Or, you like languages itself?
Bye :)

Diatton said...
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Diatton said...

Is there a film that has to do with such famous names of art? So your post sounds as a very useful suggestion, my friend!

Now something about the words of Salvador Dali, in the start of your post. We all ought to go further than average Olga. It's like a mission we all have. We are human beings, we all ought to get higher. I have been trying this since the first day i felt myself as a member of this world! We ought to get ourselves higher in order we get the others higher too. These are Diatton's words...

Wini said...

Hi Olga, thanks for sharing about this movie. Love the quote which sums up his attitude to life. I recently attended an exhibition of Dali's work. He was incredibly talented and very outrageous!