Croissant Show!

It felt too good to go through the summer pictures and remember all the warmth and all the colourful moments while writing my previous post about Spain... Now I can't help but post about summer again - especially when it's so gray and humid outside...

This post's highlight is the famous Ibiza coffee and snack place called Croissant-Show.

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Located at the foot of the beautiful main gates to Dalt Vila on the corner of Mercado Viejo of the town of Ibiza - this is more a movie set than a busy cafe.

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The cafe opens very early (with first coffees served at around 5am) - just on time for returning party clubbers as well as the island’s workers who’ve just finished their early morning shift. Then it truly comes alive mid-morning when the late risers and travelers arrive for their coffee and breakfast.

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I can't imagine having a better breakfast in Ibiza somewhere else than at Croissant-Show :) This is a heaven for pastry lovers as everything is baked in-house!

Image by Olga

The friendly owner of the house - Andres - is an eccentric Frenchman who as he twists his Dali-esque moustache with a sparkle in his eye, is obviously the star and the show maker! He is actually the secret ingredient which makes this place iconic - a slice of island life with a sugary lining. He is charming and full of character, and consistently busy with an international and friendly crowd from breakfast through to the hour where after-club snacks are on offer.

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Sip café con leche, cocktails, fresh juice or locally produced Hierbas Ibicencas... Inside, for your hungry eyes (and mouths!) - a mouth-watering glass cabinet is full of freshly made buttery croissants, chocolate buns, quiches and savoury pastries, plus desserts including fluffy whipped lemon meringue pies, raspberry tarts and rich chocolate brownies.

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Freshly baked baguettes become bocadillos and tostadas topped with tomato, queso Manchego and jamón Serrano and homemade marmalade is also available!

Croissant Show is indeed quite a show, giving visitors a taste of island's diversity. And hopefully, the show can always go on…!


Floss said...

What an incredible place! Just what we all need on a cold November morning - thanks, Olga!

Diatton said...

I had another mind trip because of your post. Many thanks for that! And i could have a delicious taste just because of these photos. Thanks again my friend!

Nichocacola said...

Wow, you can't beat a bit of cafe culture and this place looks amazing, so full of warmth life and colour!

It is strange that we seem to have done similar things over the summer! I see you went to Spain too, are the architecture photos from Barcelona? That's an amazing city too!

You'll be unsurprised to know that the weather in Exeter is still really cold and rainy :(

Have fun X