Portuguese Impressions

I am finally back, trying to find the suitable words to express the incredible experience of visiting Portugal. Portugal definitely is a whole world to discover..!

...We wake up in Ericeira to the sound of the birds welcoming the new day, open the door and see the bright sun's glittering light reflecting in the ocean, which spreads right in front of us.

Image by Arek

Later on when in Lisbon we hit the streets and walk on the patterned cobbles up and down - surrounded by the white, yellow or azulejos covered buildings with their beautiful big windows traditionally painted in white and dark green.

Image by Arek

We smell the old city from every nook and crack but feel that it's also as new as ever... We pass by the girl in the company of her 6 dogs (1 is sleeping in the baby carriage) on our way from a walk in Alfama.

Image by Arek

We visit a bookshop very close to Fernando Pessoa statue, and right in front of it we pass a magic place, one of the oldest and most famous cafes in Lisbon - A Brasileira.

Image by Arek

We get into the car with TI and ZÉ and set off to discover this beautiful world. After many kilometers of castles and vilas we find ourselves in a very old and picturesque town Óbidos.

Image by Arek

We stop at a little local restaurant to ask for grilled bacalhau with some fresh vinho verde and while we wait we amuse ourselves by looking at the town's narrow streets with white walls of houses covered with flowers and at the Medieval Óbidos castle. It is calm, quiet and the beauty is all around us... it seems we went back in history...

Image by Olga

We continue exploring the magnificent history of the country with a trip to Alcobaça, where our friends amaze us with the romantic story of the most famous Portuguese couple Pedro e Inês... and we make a small break to have some coffee. People here say that ever since coffee arrived in this country, it has never changed its flavour. Even if the machines change or the waiters change, the coffee is always good :)

Image by Arek

We walk along the bank of Tejo in Belém and let ourselves be carried away by the river to the ocean, where the surfers take advantage of the waves. Centuries ago, the brave Portuguese sailed off from here in caravels to conquer new territories and discover the whole new world!

Image by Arek

Is it necessary to go to touristic places? I don't think so... Maybe it's better to have a look what artists will bring to the streets today... Will it be a show of clowns, another pavement painting or the street theatre? Or just an old man singing same songs we've just heard at a cafe in Baixa?

The evening approaches, but the night is still young. The world comes together. The old people dance to disco, the young people sing fado and we are experiencing this whole new world with a huge smile on our faces - a sea of emotions and impressions... When it is almost midnight, we walk in through the Rua Augusta Arch just to find ourselves enetering MUDE - fashion and design museum and taking part in an exhibition and a live music party.

Image by Google

With a little help from white sangria

Image by Olga

or Super Bock - all the impressions would end up whirling around and a warm feeling would settle inside us... Here, in this place called Portugal we magically found so much warmness, history, beauty, great food and hospitality...


Viagens pelo Mundo said...

Dear Olga and Arek,
What can I say, after seeing this beautiful post? Please come back and we all gonna do it all over again! What a privilege was to know you both. You are such a beautiful young couple. I loved the way you condensed this week and it’s perfect! In fact you posted the most important topics you’ve seen. The pictures are beautiful.Somehow I believe that pictures also reflect the spirit of the photographer, and these are beautiful, colourful and bright, like you are. Love TI

juanitatortilla said...

Ah... I feel all that life and spirit of Portugal exuding from these images already. Lucky you!
Thanks for "taking us" with you. I hope your little guineas were alright in your absence!

Michela said...

Hi Olga!
Welcome back home!
Thank you for taking me with you, I've never been to Portugal so far!
Great pictures, as always!
Have a lovely weekend :))

Diatton said...

I have never been in Portugal but i know this country. I like to read so i know enough for this place. A thing that i like too much is the traditional music there which is called Fado. It's a kind of music that is full of deep emotions...

Welcome back Olga! Now you can plan the next trip, can't you?

Floss said...

Welcome back!

It's wonderful to read about and see pictures of your trip. You have such a unique 'take' on the places you visit that it's not at all like a guide book - I feel I've been there with you!

In fact, I am about to take the boys to Edinburgh, so that will be a bit different for us all!

Arek said...

I'd like to thank Ti and Ze for being with us, helping us exploring this beautiful country and showing us places for which photos are just a glimpse of memories and great places we saw. Obrigado :)

Helen said...

You take the most beautiful photos! It looks like you had a great trip!

Helen said...
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Ashley said...

HI Olga, That looks fantastic. I particularly like the picture of the cafe, it looks wonderful. I checked out your Art Nouveau posts, I love the Metro entrances, they are so beautiful, they just don't make things with the same sense of style these days! I am envious that you are going to Barcelona in September, it is one of the places I really have to go back to.

fadhilah said...

wonderfyl views and photos!
how impress i am with ur work..

SkyTrail said...

Hello Olga
Your blog is always beautiful. I’m much impressed.
The blue sea and the sky……….
I can feel the brilliant sun and the sound of the waves. You took a really exciting trip, didn’t you?
I’ve never been to the Portugal and never seen the famous monument of Prince Henry the Navigator. But I can walk there freely by your fascinating photo.
Thank you. :)

Anonymous said...

stunning views and that food looks yummy glad you had agood time

elen said...

what a beautiful photos!!!!!i remember me when i was been in Portugal! I was been here two years ago with my boyfriend! he always told me that he loved Portugal and expecially Algarve...so i did him a surprise...and i booked this holiday! I will not repent of my chose! Lisbon is too beautiful! We visited all Portugual, my favourite places are Lisbon and naturally Algarve!! we did Algarve tours...it was too amazing!so....I LOVE PORTUGAL!!!!!!!!

Rita Teles said...

That bookshop in fronte of the coffee shop " A Brasileira" is the oldest bookshop in Europe (if I'm not wrong...) and it's called "Bertrand". Your photography is very charismatic!