My Great British Adventure

Image by Olga

I am finally back from the UK, where I spent last week - mostly for work. I didn't have much time to explore everything I wanted to in Tiverton, Exeter and London where I was as a part of my trip, but still there is a couple of interesting things to share and come back in memories to :)

Image by Olga

This is Millennium bridge, which links St Paul's Cathedral and Tate Modern, located on the opposite sides of the Thames. The picture looks almost unreal, but I didn't modify it in any way. I was very impressed by Tate Modern - I think it is definitely a must-see in London, and it is totally worth devoting a whole post to!

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The pace of life in London is notably very high and I'm not too sure if I would quite enjoy to live that way, still it was an interesting experience although I found myself in too much hurry to find decent places to eat and was using 'faster options' :(..

Image by Olga

I must admit though that I quite liked the Art Nouveau sign of this pizza chain:

Image by Olga

Even with such fast pace environment the city made me stop not once to enjoy some unexpected little things - and here are at least some of them:

Image by Olga

And so my days in London flew by...

Images by Olga

British countryside as always impressed me with its picturesque sights and well trimmed gardens, but again I discovered something I didn't know existed - the beautiful Exe Valley:

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I also was quite liked the thatched houses of Tiverton and its surroundings.

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P.S. My last day in the UK turned out to be a day of worst luck ever. I missed my plane due to transportation problems in London - seems everything including underground, trains and buses service was against me that day. Then I had a very hard time to find a hotel for the night and after I found what seemed to be the last remaining room in London I couldn't connect my laptop to the internet to buy a new plane ticket. So it is good to be finally home!


Floss said...

Oh, I'm so glad you got home! It must be so depressing to be stuck away from home by silly things like that...

Other than that, thanks for the lovely photos and your thoughts on what you saw. My sister and her husband live in central London but I agree with you that I could not stand that pace! I become strangely depressed after a while spent in London, despite its invigorating style (love those polkadot trees, for example). I think I am just not a city girl.

However, my sister and I grew up in Exeter, so I love your rolling Devon hills. I have some watercolours of similar scenes which my mother has just given me. My sister couldn't wait to get away, but I feel very nostalgic for the area. If you want to find some of the blogs from that area, you should try Sal's Snippets and This'n'That - they always make me feel like going back to Devon!

Good to see you back, Olga, but don't feel obliged to blog.

Arek said...

Welcome back to posting interesting thoughts nad impressions. Happy to have you at home. :)

Diatton said...

You travel often as i see and it's a very positive thing because you get full of experiences. Now i wonder which country is coming next...

I liked all the english pics you posted. I wish you the best for the rest of the summer...

Michela said...

Hi Olga!
Welcome back!
Thank you for sharing a different perspective of London!
I'm so sorry for all the trouble you had there!
Have a lovely Sunday! :)))

juanitatortilla said...

We're all glad you've made it back, safe and sound.

To be honest, something about London doesn't appeal to me. Not now, anymore; perhaps 10 years ago, I'd be all eager to visit and live in London. Life becomes unpleasant when you're high-strung in a busy city, in my opinion.

You are probably not the only one to have had suffer those transportation inconveniences, I bet!

Irene said...

Welcome back. I love the photos of the trees. Why are they wrapped? Just for fun.

Viagens pelo Mundo said...

Dear Olga,
I'm so glad you came back again to your blog. I was really missing your stories and your beautiful pictures (and these are actually artistic, I love the one from the museum and that one from the guinea pig is so sweet).
Although you had all those problems,what travelling has so great (even if it's a working trip) is that in the all there are so many more positive things to remember that, after coming back, we quickly forget those boring little problems.I loved the pictures from Devon. Is this the Devonshire countryside which is described on the Jane Ausen's book Pride and Prejudice? If it is, the pictures correspond to what I've read. They are amazingly beautiful and of course you are opening my curiosity to go there to have a look. Dear Olga, welcome back to blogging and do not worry for your breaks because when you come back it's a real pleasure to see your posts. We'll continue our holidays and I'll try to steap by whenever I can. Love to you both from all of us. TI

fadhilah said...

such ab interesting post about London...
i'm impress with the photos,especially the polka dot tree..i like ;)

SuvvyGirl said...

I think those are some of my favorite pictures you've taken. I have always wanted to visit there. when I first started blogging I read a blog that a guy that lived in London did. He showed me so many cool pictures and everythign else and made the whole experience sound awesome. I hope you get to go back someday and enjoy it even more.

Lisa said...

The polka-dot trees are fantastic!
Lisa :)