Gotyk House

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Gotyk House, which I mentioned in one of my previous posts about Gdansk is one of the hostels, which I have never stayed in only because it is located in the city where I live. Still, it keeps intriguing me with its location and the interiors to the extent that I really start thinking about spending a night there!

Image by Gotyk House

The hostel is located in the very heart of the old town, in the most beautiful street in Gdańsk - Mariacka. The old house built in 1451 was transformed into comfortable ancient styled guest house.

Image by Gotyk House

Image by Gotyk House

It seems like a place where modernity unites with history... All the small details in the house help to reflect the spirit of the past of old Gdańsk - when I look at this building and the surroundings they remind me of the knights and crusades epoch. The comfortable and stylish rooms and the interiors of Gotyk House provide the unique charm and ambience. I recommend to visit the website of the hostel as well - it provides many details, plus has lovely design, graphics and music.

Image by Gotyk House

Image by Gotyk House


Michela said...

What a mysterious place!
Hope you're having a relaxing week!

Lisa said...

1451? That is amazing! Something about the good ol' USA I dislike is it's "newness." I LOVE the old historical buildings and things of Europe. What a beautiful and wonderful building. Great night shots too!

Lisa ;)

fadhilah said...

such a wonderful photos u got up there!
i wish i could be there too!

juanitatortilla said...

Fabulous. I love historical buildings; I love how buildings tell a story.
Gotyk house looks like a mini castle to me. I wonder what a night spent in there would do to a person -- go try it out!

Diatton said...

Seeing these photos, everyone would like to stay there, that's for sure!

The place combines history and mystery! It's perfect for everyone who likes the adventure...

My best wishes from Greece...

Helen said...

It looks amazing! I would stay there, even if I lived next door! I have a friend who goes to stay in a hotel sometimes, whenever she feels like she needs a holiday but doesn't have time or money to leave town properly!

At least now I know, if I ever go to your town I'l'l be staying there for sure!

Ashley said...

That looks amazing, I think you should treat yourself to a night there!
My Blog lesson with my Dad began and ended with that post, he is interested but his internet connection is so slow and he didn't quite get the whole Blog world. He is an amazing artist though so I expect I will post some of his work from time to time.
As for my piece I am looking forward to finishing it up soon and I will post the results.

SuvvyGirl said...

It looks amazing!! And who cares if you live in the same'd be like a mini vacation away for a night.

Viagens pelo Mundo said...

Dear Olga,
You are absolutly right ! This hostel is amazingly beautiful and it looks perfect to stay in Gdansk. Maybe on next year's Spring we'll visit you, who knows? I'm sure it'll be great to be with you both again and have you as our hosts in your city. The pictures you've been posting about Gdank reflect a very interesting city, full of history, with beautiful monuments to visit and surely nice places to have dinner and a drink. I guess you hit the target! A very warm hug and soon I'll return to my blog! A very warm hug, TI