A Walk in Gdańsk

Image by Olga

Some of us - and by that I mean myself in the first place - tend to look forward to traveling, discovering unknown places and getting new fascinating impressions. Which is cool, but sometimes I catch myself on being a bit ignorant of what is immediately around me - thus many lovely things might stay unnoticed... Our yesterday's walk in Gdańsk old town made me realize this again.

We started from the main street called Długa (transl.: long) with its many flowers, cafes, souvenir and craft shops...

Image by Olga

And the first one to stop by was this cute little shop of handmade candy called CiuCiu (more on this shop to come in one of my next posts):

Image by Olga

Image by Olga

Next stop was this very very old drug store, still open for all and having its own traditions...

Image by Olga

Gdańsk has a lot of history - can you imagine, the city is 1012 years old! It is fun to go around the ancient places and buildings - inhale the history and admire how people never stopped caring to preserve all the beauty.

Image by Olga

Image by Olga

We made a stop at one of the new little cosy cafes called Kawusia I'm going to write a separate post about later, but here is a sneak peek:

Image by Olga

Then we took a turn and found ourselves in a lovely narrow street with this lovely misterious lady on the wall combing her hair...

Image by Olga

...and the narrow street led us to one of my favourite streets in Gdańsk - Mariacka, which I already mentioned here. I bet you'll like it even more if you take this panoramic tour of Mariacka!

We passed by Kamienica - the tiny cafe, where we often meet with friends for a coffee..

Image by Olga

Image by Olga

Image by Olga
Mariacka is full of art and jewelry galleries and in the summer everything is sold right outside:

Image by Arek

Right where Mariacka ends there is this ancient gothic hostel (the building dates back to 1451), where one can stay and enjoy Gdańsk right from the heart of its old town (more on the hostel coming soon!)

Image by Olga

Image by Olga

Indeed the beauty is right in front of us - sometimes it just takes a little effort to notice, observe and appreciate it...


Michela said...

Hi Olga!
Thank you for taking me with you in Gdansk!
Greetings from Venice!

Arek said...

Indeed we travel around the world seeking beauty and inspirations, while it is enough to simply look around oneself. Thank you, darling, for another perspective on our yesterday's walk.

Diatton said...

There are persons that they see many things but they can observe nothing at all! Some other persons has the gift to see even one thing but to observe a whole world! I surely prefer the second category!

Have a nice week start Olga!

juanitatortilla said...

1012 year old town! My word... I am in awe.
Thank you for this WONDERFUL tour. Can't wait to see more about the lovely cafes.

One day, I will write a post about my "nomadic life", in answer to your question. Don't worry Olga, I did not forget!

juanitatortilla said...

BTW, I tagged you for something...

SuvvyGirl said...

It looks amazing...the archeitecture there is beautiful. I really enjoy the little journeys you take us on through your posts. It's nice to get a taste of what other places are like outside of hometown Nebraska.

Sometimes our media here in the US tries to make every other country and place seem so simple and dismal...it's nice to be reminded that it's not really that way.

Anonymous said...

lucky you to live in such a fab place I might just have to visit one day

Viagens pelo Mundo said...

Hello dear Olga and Arek,
I loved the streets and the cosy places you decided to post. In fact, we travel around the world, seeking for other cultures, different places, fantastic history, but, sometimes, we forget that at our door we have old "quartiers" and so many focus of interest and culture, which deserved to be explored. It's just a matter of planning and spent a nice weekend afternoon dedicated to that exploration which turns to be quiet nice and a good excuse for a nice walk. That tour that you've made sounded very special, added by that sweet "darling" from Arek, like a true gentleman. What a nice couple you are and I'm looking so much forward to meet you and receive you at my home. A big hug and thank you so much for showing us your beautiful city, I loved it. TI

Geoff Collins said...


That's so true about looking at your local surroundings. Gdansk seems to be a bit like Zürich, a nice place to live!