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If your life seems a bit dull all you need to do is sweeten it up a bit! Try buying some good candy and I'm sure some things will seem not as bad and complicated as before :) In one of my previous posts I mentioned this little shop of handmade candy in Gdańsk, which makes and sells candy and I thought it was worth providing some extra detail about it.

Image by CiuCiu

The shop is called Ciu Ciu and it is a place where candy is being produced right in front of you. So if you are interested in the whole process - just drop by this shop and there is a great possibility you will see everything with your own eyes during your first visit.

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You will also be treated to some fresh candy which was just cut and is still hot and you will be surrounded by all sorts and colours imaginable of packed sweets and lollipops. TI, I especially hope that you will like this post for a reason you might be guessing already of ;)

Image by CiuCiu

Image by Olga

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Diatton said...

I heard nice news from you, my friend! So, have a nice time in your vacations and don't think of anything else! When you get back, just send me a message or a comment in order i know that you are back...

Michela said...

Gorgeus shop and yummy candies!
Your dentist will not be proud of you...!
Have a nice weekend!

leslie said...

Hi Olga... I just read your comment on my blog and I am happy to now have yours bookmarked. Its nice meeting you and all of the candy photos have me craving something sweet :)

Helen said...

That's so awesome! I love the old-fashioned cash-register!

Viagens pelo Mundo said...

Hi Olga,
I can prove that this shop sells wonderful sweets. In fact (as you saw) I have them (or what is left) on my desk. I saw in Prague a store like this, where candies were made in front of us, with lovely colours and beautiful shapes. When we get in these shops it reminds me when I was a child, on Christmas, surrounded by lollipops and sweets. A hug TI