A Beautiful Thing Is Never Perfect (Egyptian proverb)

Image by Arek

Today I'm in a very travel mood because of my friend TI from Viagens pelo Mundo blog - thank you, TI, for all the excitement :) I'm posting a couple of more pictures from our recent stay in Egypt from this February. Although the greatest part of the country itself is a desert and most wild life is found under the water of the Red Sea, there are many colourful scenes and objects you can spot when traveling around, so I'm adding some of them in my today's post.

Image by Arek


SkyTrail said...

Hello Olga
Thank you for your heartwarming reply.
I happened to find your blog, but I did not think that some people except Japanese read my blog. It was a joyful mistake.
Two Poles are famous among Japanese.
Any children know the name of Marie Curie, as world wide famous person.They have learn her at elementary school. I also have read her biography which was written by her daughter.
The other one is Andrzej Wajda. I have seen some of his works by DVD.
And I have thought the difficulty of your country under military power. ―Japan was one of the militaristic country ―
Anyway, I can enjoy peace as you can do.
It is delightful that we can talk with each other, though we live in so remote place.
It is my great pleasure to read your blog.
P.S. My profile photo is Sophie Marceau, my favorite French movie star. I may change it. :=)

Floss said...

Lovely blues in your photos! The spice stall is absolutely fantastic. Thanks again for transporting me to another country.

Thanks also for telling me more about your paintings. I will try to find time to tell my son what you said about the two trees, although he has a lot of homework so we may never get round to art tonight, unfortunately...

Diatton said...

I saw the photos you uploaded from Egypt and i liked them. I hope you enjoyed your trip there. I 've never been in Egypt but i do like the music of that country (i am a world music lover, you know). If you also like the Egyptian music, i have a suggestion to you:


Have a nice sunny day my net friend...

The Whispering Poppies said...

Oh my these are fabulous!!! That camel just amazes me! I used to have a roommate in college that lived in Egypt for a while, due to her dad's job. She loved it there. =)

Olga said...

Hi All :) thanks for the comments! I also love this HIPPIE CAMEL, Louise ;)

Viagens pelo Mundo said...

Hi Olga,

I can't imagine the reason of such an excitement ! Is there any special reason for that??? I guess maybe it has to do with your next holiday plans...or maybe not...just guessing...:)
The pictures are perfect and very tempting to plan a trip to Egypt. Colours are superb and it’s those kind of colours that I’ll be looking for in Morocco. Did you see the pyramids? I’d love to see more pictures from your travels. A big hug TI

Olga said...
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Olga said...

Hi TI - your guess is 100% correct! I can't wait till 26th of June now! Egypt is worth visiting and the most wonderful thing I experienced there was scuba diving in the coral reefs - it is just like flying...under water :) I did see the pyramids, what struck me most about them was that they are actually in the city of Cairo! I have always thought they were in a desert and then I knew they were close to the city, but I didn't realize it is THAT close!