Make Love Not War

Here are some more cards I've created recently... These two are of the same size and have some repeating elements just as the one I posted before - the circle patterns which I recently fancy. I have a little 'tool' to create them and can draw as many of them as I want with different color pens, I still lack some practice to create those really detailed and multicolored ones, but hopefully this will come. After I finished the first card - somehow it started to associate with the flower generation 'make love not war' slogan, as for the name for the second one... well, how about 'forbidden forrest'?

Images by Olga


Halimas said...

I always fancied collage technique and I really like what you’ve created. I even used something collage sort of thing to add some colour to my dull London room (pleas e note that I have severely limited resources recently :) ), regardless its questionable artistic value, it looks way much better than it has before. What drew my attention in your piece is the sketch of a 'women-capboard' with some flowery bits on, please elaborate :) Well done Olga :) And read about symbolism of a circle, I have and it cleared some things up :)

Olga said...

Hey Michalis,

So nice you dropped a line (: and thanks for your notes. Nice collage, unfortunately can't see all the details, but agree that it definitely adds some character to the room - especially that with white walls! Yeah collage in general is a real cool technique - you can pretty much stick anything anywhere (: Funny, you identified the cupboard in that womanly silhoette - the thing is I started with the cupboard and then somehow decided to give it some more detail and it turned into a womanly one as you put it (; but I thought the cupboard already couldn't be seen..