Venice Impressions

Beauty of Venice is in its canals, bridges, old and shabby buildings, its remarkable history, art and music... Life goes on right in front of you on the water and this seems so natural you can't imagine it could have been done in any different way. Venice has public transport boats called 'vaporetto', boat taxis and ambulances, boat grocery shops, boat dumpsters and even boat catafalques... And of course - the thing I should have mentioned first - the magnificent black gondolas which are made of 8 types of wood and are covered with 10 layers of paint before they are ready to roam the canals... Still there is so much more to that! Gorgeous things are everywhere - in every shop window, in every house attire and even in every grocery shop and snack bar - just have a look at these snaps:

I have so many more photos of what I saw and couldn't take my eyes off.. - I'm sure this is far not my last post about Venice!
Images by Olga


fadhilah said...

thanks for gives some comment on my blog,olga..
from my perspective i know that u love travelling..don't you?
so do i..
such a unique places u have been!that's amazing and interesting..
i wish i could go to paris..and capture a lot of pictures!
by the way your art work is nice too..
well,i think u should upload more picture,so that i can view the places around the globe..and share our interest too..

Olga said...

Hi Fadhilah! Thanks for visiting the blog. I do love travelling - I actually think this is one of the best things one can do in life. Needless to say I try to use every opportunity I get to go some place different. I will be posting more photos from Paris soon!

ania said...

wow! great photos, yours and Arek's.

And you create a wonderful blog, I especially enjoy the label "travel":) It inspired me and evoked the memories of my journeys...:)

Greetings from Warsaw

Michela said...

Great photos Olga!
Your eyes caught the best!