I think now it is time for me to post one of my works here. I have recently contemplated working on a collection of hand-made postcards united by one common theme or similar element. I have gradually started to work on this and created 4 cards so far - I thought it wouldn't take me so long to create each card but I want every one of them to be rather unique and quite detailed so for now it takes time. I'm posting a picture of my first card today - as they say you must spoil before you spin, so it doesn't look too sophisticated. I have used different paper textures - velvety and ruffled but unfortunately this is something which can't be seen on a picture after the card is scanned. I like more the cards I created after this one so this sort of proves that practice makes perfect. More cards coming soon, stay tuned!

Image by Olga


Mr Lee said...

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hillybillyfarmgirl said...

This is a very nice card! Good work! You are very talented! :))

Olga said...

thank you both!

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