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Recently I have noticed that I don't like to concentrate on the decoration of the whole room but would choose a little part of it or a corner and would devote it to a particular theme or decorate it in a certain peculiar way. It is nice to have these little parts of your home attracting attention and filling you with positive emotions. It is also great to change themes from time to time, sometimes it is even sad to part with your little creative spots when you are changing them for something different! The picture above shows how I tried to put together 3 boxes brought from China, a lamp which I made myself from a wine bottle, a candle and an aztec-style stencil I cut and colour-sprayed a while ago. I hope to post more images of our house going forward.
Image by Olga


hillybillyfarmgirl said...

I like your taste, the soft colors and patterns in combination with glass and light, interesting!

Olga said...

Thanks Michaela :)