Here We Go...

So here comes my very first post. My name is Olga and I like beautiful things and interesting designs. There are so many gorgeous objects which surround us in everyday life, but sometimes we're all too busy to notice them. I hope to bring here some of the nicest things I come across every day and share them. I also want to keep a record of things I create when I have some free time - this has become one of my life passions. I absolutely adore complex and simple patterns, eclectic style, colourful fabrics, vintage clothes/decorations, fresh flowers and anything different and unique.

I am glad I've finally made a start today and hope to be as inspired as I am now to update this blog and not to get you and myself bored with this. For the start here is a picture taken by Arek not long ago in an Indian sari-shop in Bangalore. Great colours!
Images by Arek


Arek said...

Indeed, it was one of the most clolorful places I've seen. I love this photo - one of my favorite.

hillybillyfarmgirl said...

Yap! Great pictures AREK!!! :))