Cafe Cosiness

It's been a pretty damn busy week at work, so tonight I can't help looking forward to my trip to Venice next week. I'm really excited and can't wait to explore this little piece of Europe! There are so many controversial opinions of the city - but I really wanna put them aside and go with an open mind to make my own impression. And of course I already see myself taking pics of those old shabby buildings, colourful waters, islands around Venice and of course drinking 'famous Italian' coffee in cosy little cafes. Here is a cosy cafe reflection of the trip to Brussels we took back in December, it makes me want to repeat it (I only wish the weather wouldn't be so cold as that day in Brussels!)

Brussels cafe
Image by Olga


SuvvyGirl said...

I love this picture!! And it looks so yummy!! I think going into things with an open mind is best, then you get to experience everything for yourself and get your true feelings.

Olga said...

Thanks for support, totally agree. Venice was really amazing with all the rain and the spring bloom..