Yo! Sushi

I now (officially) know how to make sushi - we've been to a sushi school last weekend :) So no way I will confuse between anago and unagi... or will I? :D

Anyway, my favourite ones to make are uramaki - those with the rice on the ouside. Sushi making is great fun!

You kind of end up stuffed with rice, in the meantime tempted to play with the conveyor belt... and with 5 boxes to carry home to feed all your friends :).

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Image Source,Photobucket Uploader Firefox Extension
photos by Arek


Paralelo Longe said...

Olga, it must have been fun do make all of those little rolls of rice. With our favoured portuguese food we never tend to choose sushi when we go out for dinner, but I've tried in New York.
Spring is in full swing here. Lots of sun, warm temperature, relaxing weekends, pink feelings and lots of good stuff around. You should come as soon as you can. We need to talk about the good things in life :)
Missing your extra special company for dinner :) HUGS

Olga said...

It was a lot of fun, - we ate A LOT of rice! :)

I'm glad it's so warm in Lisboa, we are hoping for very nice weather this weekend too.

I'm totally for talking about good things in love! I'm a big fan :P! Missing you too! Hope you had a great time in Miami, can't wait to see the pics!