You Me Bum Bum Train

An experience...

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image via Bum Bum Train

... a collection of strange experiences - which question and redefine reality.

... like passing through different lifetimes all in one and being reincarnated
... like having a multiple personality disorder
... like being in a dream and having no control of what is happening in front of you
... completely disorientating - physically and geographically
... feeling incredibly real ... yet somewhat magical
... you find yourself doing things you'd never dreamed yourself doing before
... you might be living your greatest fears or on the contrary feel extremely important
... you find yourself surprised with coming up with the things you say and your reactions
... a grand game of make-believe.

It probably can be best described like going down the rabbit hole.

..and the hardest thing of all is not being able to tell anyone about it! As all the participants had to sign non-disclosure agreements. Seriously.
The above is I guess what you call being involved in interactive theatre :). Check out You Me Bum Bum Train show in London. I'm looking forward to buying tickets for their summer show.

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