I think I'm THINKING really too much these days. 'Thinking' and 'too much' are probably not your best combination of phrases, yet this is exactly the feeling I'm currently having about myself.

And I hate the fact that you kind of realize this, but can't do much about it anyway.

Do you have any good recipes on how not to overthink things? :)

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Anonymous said...

When you overthink you by definition think too much. Probably by trying to factor in too many nuances. And then you spend an eternity looking at all the facets of the issue - twisting and turning. Looking at it from all angles, over and over.

You have to simplify your problem - break it down to its very core. Preferably all the way down to a single yes/no question.

Sounds easy maybe, but it actually takes a fair amount of practice and willpower. :)


Olga said...

Oh, hi Kristian, glad you popped over :) The thing is, I don't really have a particular problem as such... - it seems like I'm overthinking what is happening around, situations, behaviours, etc - things which could have probably been easily forgotten (and life goes on)... I guess this need to think too much before you say and to who you say it to around here is getting into me.. and it seems some people are born with this ability!

Anonymous said...

Then just chill :)

A garden just outside Venice said...

I wish I had a good tip to share Olga..unfortunately this one of my biggest problems too.. :-(
I hope things will be sorted out soon for you
Michela x

SkyTrail.2 said...

We all have some trouble.
I think, at first we should consider the problem if it can be solved by our power.
But, sometimes we can do nothing about it.
In such cases, the best thing is doing something else, like working or studying.
Anyway, it’s no use worrying about the issues beyond our power.
Best of luck to you, Olga.

Olga said...

Thanks Michela :)

And Masa - it is really good to hear from you. I hope life in Japan is getting back to normal gradually.

Paralelo Longe said...

Sometimes overthinking is just a way to mature ideas and seeing have their gain room, space, form. If an idea wisely sticks with time that means that it has the ability to survive and the potential to become a good solution for the problem whatever it is.
Being simpler and shortening our ways sometimes may produce regrets. But we shouldn't paralise ourselves for too long, just the necessary to wisely think and move on being positive. TI