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Don't you think there's something lovely about growing up and still being friends with the people you knew in school - even better - watching your friends create beautiful things, get awesome jobs, make a name for themselves and succeed!


Paralelo Longe said...

I agree Olga,it's fascinating to keep long time friends. I have that experience and it's most rewarding to count with dear friends no matter what you are going through. It's very interesting, 30 or 35 years after to see their path in life, their choices, marriadges, children, jobs, and still being here and there all the time for whatever needed. And that works on both ways and I guess that's what you can called TRUE FRIENDSHIP, otherwise they'd have dissapered along the years.
Hope we can be one of those for many years! Kiss

Olga said...

I very much hope so too, TI! Our friendship has been one of the best experiences. I will get in touch with you soon, there are so many things happening here at the moment. Lots of decisions to make!