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I think for me the answer lies somewhere around 23... because since then I really never felt the 'birthday fever' and never celebrated them. That's probably the charm of birthdays wearing off or something :).

And what about you? How do you feel about your birthdays?


Michela said...

I hate my Birthdays!!! I don't like celebrating and feel quite silly in front of a Birthday cake!
Happy Birthday Olga!

Olga said...

Thanks, Michela :) My birthday's in December though :D

Michela said...

Yes Olga, big apologies, I was checking this info on FB indeed!

Olga said...

Oh, come on, Michela :)I know I was misleading with the post... Thanks anyway!

lights in the dusk said...

For me, 18 was the last birthday I really looked forward to. Every year growing up was great because I was getting closer to 18; I'd be a grown-up. After that, every birthday has been a tragedy because I'm moving further away from 18; I'm getting old. These days I don't know how old I feel. Some days I might feel 23, still full of energy, and other days I feel 45, old and tired. I wonder how I'll feel when I am 45... probably 80!

renilde said...

What I like on my birthday are the phonecalls and cards from loved ones, a surprise visit, my favourite pastry, a bottle of champagne. I can really enjoy that. Up till now getting older has not bothered me,those numbers are not really important to me. You can meet a young person who gives the impression of being tired and old or an old person full of live and ideas and shiny eyes. I feel good in the company of people of all ages as long as they have that sparkle, that playfulness. xx

Olga said...

I agree, it can be hard to get older - especially the older we get the harder it can be.

But if we think of it- and it goes along with Renilde's thoughts - right NOW is actually the youngest we will ever be, so probably best to leave all those worries behind and try to relax and enjoy..?

Spencer said...

Hi Olga,
Well most think I'm 10 to 20 years younger than I actually am. So with that in mind perhaps I could pretend I am even younger than what they think I am! People would then say he looks much older than he is! So I'm around thirty five I guess.
The worst age for me was 16 to 18. Then I looked 13 to 14.Getting a girl friend was an up hill task.
When I was twenty five I was an extra in a film and it took a make up girl 30 minutes to make me look ......25! I had the skin of an angel.
With my mates it took them a couple of minutes chalking in a few wrinkles under their eyes and ruffling their hair.
So yes I have nothing better to do than talk this dribble.
Regards Spencer.

SkyTrail.2 said...

Hi Olga
I always put the past behind me. It’s the most important and valuable for me to think about and to do something today or tomorrow. Alice said “If I think so, it must be so”. Her logic is right—though it may sound too positive.

I got the elegant solution about age. I can prove your age is 23. Suppose your real age in your mind. Your real age must be expressed as 23・(1+⊿). Delta is small number. So, we can ignore it. Now, your age must be around 23. How about this? ;)

GBHF means God Bless Happy Friday. We should not say tomorrow is blue Monday. We must say tomorrow is the very happy blue Monday.
The rainy season is just around the corner.
Have a nice GBHM. ;)

Olga said...

Spencer, I guess we could make ourselves believe we are younger by making people who surround us believe we are younger.. Just remember what they say - 'act your age' or 'you are too young/old for this'.. that's so irrelevant sometimes - most of the time - but it does affect us I suppose!

Olga said...

Hi Masa, your approach to age is absolutely great, I guess a number of them could be invented to prove this... :) It's almost like the Tortoise and Achilles, i suppose.

You know, I Googled GBHF and I the only thing I found was 'Great Body Horse Face' :D :D

Have a good Monday as well :)

Insomniamental said...

Si yo no supieran cuantos años tengo seguramente estaría entre los 19 o 20 años, porque, fuera de pretensiones de juventud, es lo que aparento. Cuando digo mi edad nadie la cree. Me han dado respuestas donde sus ojos ven a una niña con 10 años menos de la realidad. A lo cual ya me acostumbre. No me parece malo ni bueno, sólo un comentario que siempre surge después de que alguien desconocido pregunta mi edad.
Eso de cumplir años no es algo especial para mi desde que pasaron mis 15 primaveras y baile el vals con un vestido ampón (Imagen curiosa, que ahora, para mi, es como un sueño borroso donde no me explico cómo fui capaz de hacerlo jeje).
Pero siempre que abro los ojos en el día de mi cumpleaños llega una extraña sensación entre felicidad, por lo que he vivido, e incertidumbre, por todo lo que quiero vivir y aún no he hecho nada para lograrlo.
Por cierto gracias por visitar el blog insomnemental. Hay una respuesta y una pregunta para ti debajo de tu comentario☺

Olga said...

Hola! espero que la ilusion de cumplir años para ti no fue afectada por aquel vestido :)

bueno, es una broma, claro :D hace unos años tb soñaba de un vestido asi ;)

Gracias por visitar este blog - pareces una persona muy interesante e dedicada. Saludos!

Insomniamental said...

El vestido esa noche me gustó mucho, bueno en general toda la fiesta, pero ahora creo que no volvería a hacer nada parecido jeje

P.D. Tu también pareces una persona muy interesante, por eso visitar tu blog es tan agradable ☺
Nos seguimos leyendo

Paralelo Longe said...

There are still prejudices about age, middle age and old people and things are so much simpler than that. Your age can only be mental and not fisical. Every behavior depends on how we feel, act and what you really still expect from life. Life is magnanimous so it's a pity to waste it, it's a pity to avoid doing things just because you are not anymore supposed to. One of the biggest advantages of getting old is to accomulate experiences of life and being able to chose wisely keeping a young spirit and a tenascious willing to enjoy as much as you can. Regarding my own age somedays I still feel I have 18 or 20, others 30 and sometimes quite old, like 70 or 80. Surely it'll depend on your mood.