I Would Watch This Right Now :)

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Indie movie of the day!

“Etienne!” is about a moustached boy, Richard, who takes his hamster (Etienne) on a road trip after finding out that the hamster has terminal cancer so that he may live his final days to the fullest. How great is this? :)


Μαριανα said...

mustached boy with hamster -a delighted company! Would join them! :)

There is also a movie a friend of mine today suggested me to see it:
"across the universe" is the title, it is a musical (not in the classic way) and there are covers of Beatles in it. I thought to share it with you, sounded really interesting! For Beatle-lovers!

Olga said...

Thanks, Mariana - I'll definitely check it out. How can someone not love the Beatles? :)

SkyTrail.2 said...

Hi Olga. How are you feeling today?
All lives are lovely.
It’s often said counselors need counselors. Mental care must be difficult work. Of course, my job isn’t counseling. But, after I dealt with the disaster, I realized it was really true. You always give me warmth.
Thank you, Olga.

Paralelo Longe said...

It really doesn't matter what kind of pet you have the importante thing is if you are really attached to it. All lives deserve our care and attention and it's really not importante if we are dealing with a small tinny hamster or a big dog. The beautifullness of the act comes from the interaction of two friends and the prediction of a sense of lost which ineviatably will happen. That's why it's so important to enjoy while we are all here together. All of this becomes quite evidente when we lose prematurely a dear friend in a most unexpected way.

Anonymous said...

I can't see me telling my friends and family about this movie. OK it's probably great and i will try to watch it using my daughter as a cover! I used to Love the 2 Pee Wee Herman movies and used my kids as cover for that as well. By the way he's back!

Olga said...

@anonymous: Hey :) thanks for the comment! there's nothing wrong about actually liking this movie. It's actually really cool to be able to 'confess' to something like this I think :)