We think - and we frequently hear others say - that we deserve something. But the thing is - why do we think we deserve things at all? and compared to who? is the word 'deserve' just a heritage from religion as in the notions of 'heaven' and 'hell'? Or is it a disguised form of presumption?

What do you think?

Is what we deserve in life the same thing as what we expect of our life?
And isn’t it kind of amazing to be alive at all, considering the odds? :)

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Floss said...

Interesting. I think I say that other people, or I, 'deserve a break' if we've been working hard, and that seems fair. But I'm going to have to listen to myself carefully to see if I use the word in other contexts too. In my faith (protestant evangelical) we are very conscious of Grace i.e. we don't 'deserve' good things but God gives them anyway, through love for us. I wonder how this affects my use of the word? Thanks for getting me thinking!

Μαριανα said...

Nice thoughts Olga... I often think about things that have a spiritual flavor. Anyone can interpret it different of course. So for me it goes like this:

I remember a little story -fable like- about a bee and a fly. Imagine there is a big room and it is full soil and dirt. And there is only a little humble floweret in one corner of this room. When the bee enters the room she will find this little floweret no matter how dirt there is in the room. And there is the fly entering a room full of flowers and grass and in one little corner there is some soil. The fly will rest upon this soil...
Sometimes you get what you are looking for, even if you are not looking for it in a conscious way.

But some nights ago as I was falling asleep I thought: Life is like a bad joke. In the end you always gain death.