Self Pity

I hate the feeling :(



lights in the dusk said...

I'm quite accustomed to self-pity myself; I think it's the most natural reaction to a bad situation, and usually like a warning light that a change is necessary. Sort of a reminder that a problem is internal, rather than external. If that makes sense.

Paralelo Longe said...

Olga, There are and there will always be moments where things run out so bad that it's impossible not to feel pity of ourselves. But the important thing is to make an X-Ray of our guts and react as fast as you can in order to overcome that bad wave. If you'll be quick enough very soon you'll find yourself making plans for the futur in a most positive way. Reaction is the word that you have to post in your mind otherwise frustration and depression can easily try to imposed. It depends on us never let them stand or sit next to us. Without a chair to rest soon they will be forced to leave and surely the sun will be increadibly bright once more. Many Hugs TI

Olga said...

You are both so right it's all in my head... I've thought of myself as a stronger person before but seems due to my very low resistance to physical pain it constantly keeps dragging me into the 'comfort' of self pity. I know it's gonna go away in a week or so, but currently a week seems like an eternity.