Coming Backs... Comings Back

Image source unknown

Lights, snow, velvet,
memories, friends, gifts
gold and snowflakes.

Night, seduction, desire,
open fires, glitters,
hopes and lace.

Candles, laughter, frost,
bows, mistletoe, cinnamon,
satin and frosty windows.

It’s winter straight after summer,
sleepy cosiness and
strangeness of coming back...


Viagens pelo Mundo said...

Dear Olga,

You can´t imagine how glad I am to know about you. Honestely, I was really missing you around this blogging world. How was India? I'm sure you brought on your bag a lot to tell us about. How was Sri Lanka? Is it as marvellous as I heard? Looking at the rose it looks like you missed the cozy Winter and all the white beauty that comes with it. Your words reflect that. WELLCOME BACK. Hope to hear from you really soon. Love and hugs from Portugal to you and Arek, TI

Floss said...

Well, welcome home!

SkyTrail said...

Hi Olga!
Welcome back! I should say we. We miss you. Did you stand under a mistletoe? :)
Your words are so beautiful.
See you.
Masa from Tokyo.