It Makes You Wanna ... Paint

I'm growing a little tired of the subject 'India' at the mo - I figure so are you, so here is something different for a change. A very inspiring video - it's like a boost of creative energy!



Irene said...

Hi Olga, it has been a while. Good to hear from you. and yes it does make you want to paint.

Katta said...

Hey Olga! Its so nice to see your photos from India (my dreamcountry to go to) Fun that they even make Pepsi masala :D XO Katta

SkyTrail said...

Hello Olga
Thank you for great pics. Everyone is interesting and attractive.
Haven’t you gotten tired of spicy foods? You may become a vegetarian.
I’m sure a traveler needs tough Stomach. ;)

Μαριανα said...

Hi gurl!
This is really inspiring! They created a whole world there on the wall, didn't they? :)