India - First Impressions

a boy with a puppy close to Commercial st.

Today is my 10th day in India...

So far India strikes me as a country of colours, contrasts and paradoxes... tropical fruits, very friendly people and loads of spicy food :) First of all you need to get used to the change in the culture and different way of doing and perceiving things here. The next thing which will astonish you about India is how Indian people are positive, optimistic and happy with very simple things.

I'm learning a lot from this incredible country and its amazing people every day. My brain keeps processing all these various details on culture, lifestyle, religion, eating habits and what not, and I can't think of any other country so DIFFERENT from those I have visited before.

a man selling mangos

puppies looking for their mom

buying 'bangles'

a butterfly

in the sari shop

car decorations for Dasara festival

a local market

our home for next 3 months


All photos by Arek


Katta said...

Oh, wow! Youre in India. One of my dreamcountrys to go. The colours are so lovley but I understand there must be some paradoxes to there. Katta

Green thumb said...

Wow! 3 months! That sounds like a very long period!
People said that once you've visited India you really change your mind about life and its priorities..
Enjoy your stay!

Helen said...

Wow, it looks beautiful, and a bit hot! Lovely photos, I hope you post more soon!

Bull farmor said...

Very nice picture!!!!!!!

Croatian_Latina said...

Very genuine photos here. My favorite one is of course the first one. that boy looks so happy with that puppy. I love India. the food,the movies. You must see 'Kabi Kushi kabhi gam' it translates to sometimes you cry sometimes you laugh. (you will do both!)

Enjoy and embrace the culture. I will be looking forward to reading more about your insights!

renilde said...

That abundance of colors must be so inspiring I love the flower garlands,enjoy your trip!

Viagens pelo Mundo said...

Hi Olga,
I was really anxious to see your first impressions about that fabulous country. Colors strike us immediately on your pictures, which, by the way, are great and clearly give us a good perception of your life there. Poverty is also a trace, highly visible, in your pictures. Although choking it looks like everyone leads with it, in India, like if it made part of the DNA of that country. India simply has to have these contrasts otherwise this wouldn’t be the India we expected to see. So, through your beautiful eyes we thank you for sharing with us, your daily life, the people who surrounds you and all that wonderful and unforgettable culture which, I’m sure, will remain highly vivid on the forthcoming years. It must be a terrific experience to be there working, travelling and merging with that wonderful people. How lucky you both are and I’ve been thinking a lot about you both. Strong hugs to you and Arek. Yours TI