Ralph & Venik

Image by Olga

Image by Arek

black & white, crazy and calm, bold and careful - how can these 2 little creatures be so different?

funny, fluffy, loud, best friends, so innocent and so amazing - mad about any food in green colour...

Can they BE any cuter? :)


Manifesto Surrealista said...

Your two lovely guinea pigs are very sweet and, as all pets, they makes us feel that the house has “something else” much alive, besides us. The pictures reminded me these rainy winter Sundays where I love to stay at home by the fire, enjoying the calm afternoon with the family. There’s a special feeling of hearts together in the air and the sense of a comfortable intimacy which we all share. The kids talk a lot and I like to watch them as a spectator of a life play which began some years ago in a most beautiful manner. There’s nothing in the world better than this, a house full of children and hearts full of love. And Fox besides us, of course, I can I forget my crazy dog. I love Winter Sundays. Have a wonderful week Olga, and hope you can still post before your holidays because it's a pleasure visiting you. My love for you and Arek. TI

Juanita Tortilla said...

Hehehe... They are so cute, Olga.
Over the weekend, we visited a petshop in Germany. I was smitten by the jet-black Guineas -- 15 Euros each! (It costs more for a guinea pig in Zürich.) Hmm. Might have to consult Fluffy on this one -- he is a king-cat, and I don't know how he'd take to sharing his territory.

juanita de la vega said...

they are absolutly gorgeous, Olga. Those creatures, be a cat, a dog or a guinea pig, so innocent and confident that we will take care of them... Unfortunnately not always they find loving people...

Diatton said...

Greece wishes typically to Poland but essentially to Belarus a nice week and also a nice month!

Michela said...

Hi Olga!
Your boys are so cute! I just wanted to say thank you for playing with the "bag tag", hope you're well! xxxxx

SkyTrail said...

Hello Olga! Dzisiaj
Long time no see! How’s everything going? Is it snowing outside?

I thought I had to be busy on January and February. But I didn’t notice I was busy on March too. So I took a break. The time just flies bye. :( But I’ll be back again.

Anyway I don’t think lotus is so delicious. You might feel too. :p
I want to know everything about your country, especially its culture and the way of life.

Hope you are fine and enjoy everyday.
Say hello to Ralph and Venik. :D
Пакуль :)

オテモヤン said...
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Olga said...

Guys, thank you all for your warm words - I'm really touched :)

Masa, thanks - everything is going fine!especially knowing that I'm on holidays all next week gives a good feeling :) It is snowing outside, yes, there was a huge snowstorm yesterday... them everything melted during the day. now snowing again. I will be posting about Belarus soon, finally with the pictures recovered I definitely nwant to post more about it..

Ralf and Venik say 拝啓!