About comfort zone it is so true, and so very much about me... It is too easy to remain within our comfort zone and it is so uncomfortable to 'force' yourself to do something that will pay off in the end... but will require some real effort. I think one always needs to walk 'up the hill', otherwise - does life make much sense?

As for MAMIHLAPINATAPAI... Have you ever had such a feeling?? :)))


juanita de la vega said...

Oh, sometimes we just lazy inside... But we are humans, after all!
Comftortably yours
Have a nice weekend dear!

Manifesto Surrealista said...

Hi Olga,
What an interesting subject. For me, our comfort zone is highly related with the boundaries where we balance between the sense of risk, which we may or may not be ready to assume. I’m thinking, for instance, on some employment offers, which seems to fall down from Heaven, apparently irrefusable, but for security and confort reasons we decide not to accept them. On other aspects of life same happens. I believe that what is important is to step out our comfort zone, in a very wisely manner, balancing the risks associated. All the advantages and possible losses. Courage also has an important role. Many of these decisions can change our life forever, either we are talking about a new job, moving to another city, ending or starting a new relationship. Surely the sense of responsibility towards others should be present. Nevertheless, I believe we should not create mental conditionings at all time that inhibits us to progress in life and therefore step out our comfort zone, every time needed. Progress is also made of risks and I deal very badly with inertia. Probably this feeling was what made me go back to Univ. after 15 years to proceed with my further degrees. It’d have been much more comfortable to relax and not to pick my studies again. But I’m not an accommodated person and I'm always anxious to learn more. So, I’m glad I did it. Hugs, TI

英文發音真難 said...
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Μαριανα said...

oh oh oh I recognize so bad the moment this is happening. damn someone must do something, move man!


Manifesto Surrealista said...

This morning I was thinking again about this post "confort zone", and what was, for me, my biggest experince as "leaving confort zone". I realize that it was when Zé and I decided to have children. That was the MAJOR decision in life that changed everything. After a long dating period (5 years) and 3 years married with a super free life (travels, free time and no timetables for anything) we decided to have our first child. So, 8 years, before the first baby! Does this ring you any bell? Olga, 8 years? I thought it was funny to share this with you, because only today, this morning, I realized the enormous coincidence of our lives :) And believe me, life really changed after that...for better. We had the enormous pleasure of really starting a family. And that was so nice. Love you (I'm so provocative, hehehe) TI

Olga said...

TI, you are very brave, this is what have always struck me in you, do you know this? :) As for the coincidence, well... you are right in a way - there are almost no excuses to postpone such moments in life... And we will talk about everything in London (in 2 weeks!) :)