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Manifesto Surrealista said...

When someone talks about dreams to a dreamer it’s always subjective if you are referring to those dreams we experience when we are asleep or those when we are awake. Certainly we all have something to tell about both. As far as I’m concerned I’m that kind of person who wakes up with full notion of a night dream, and you are right, sometimes they are overwhelming special when we dream with someone really important to us. Some months ago, after my father died, I had a dream where I had a long conversation with him. When I waked up I was so sad we couldn’t continue talking, because in a childish way I wanted so much to finish what he had to tell me. It was so real and I remembered all the details, the clothes, the place, the theme, everything. I guess we must enjoy, as much as possible, our loved ones, when we have them around. About those awaken dreams they all make part of our imagination and desire and surely they have an important role on achieving goals and targets in life. They all are a self crusade and they all depend of being a fighter, faithful to your mind and principles. Love you TI

SkyTrail said...

Hello Olga Jak się masz
It’s the first time I see the Baltic Sea. Indeed it must be absolutely cold.
Have you ever played to make bubbles in a cold day? If temperature is under -5℃, it freeze immediately and turn into ice ball. Of course you know it well. :)

Kyoto was the old capital of our country. So there’re many interesting and historic relics. Nara is near from Kyoto. It was the oldest capital. You can find the typical rural landscapes. Osaka is a city of merchants. It’s said people who live in there are alive to their interests. I think there’re only a few trees in Osaka.
Japan had been the isolated country more than 250years like North Korea. :p So you’ll be able to find some kind of funny iguanas. :)

By the way…, No.07 shoes is yours? :) 
I’ll take a break until the end of March.
See you next time. :)

Anonymous said...

If we are talking about dreams during sleep and not in a figurative meaning...well what i can say is that i generally love dreaming.
It's sort of a parallel universe...if we think about it it's like living another life but without the awareness of being really's really an interesting experience in my opinion.

Olga said...

I think I need to clarify that I only meant dreams we have during sleep in the post title.

Have you ever dreamt of loosing someone close in your dream and waken up trying to catch your breath with tears in your eyes? Have you ever met a person you've always wanted to in your dreams? Have you ever been afraid and were running from something in your dream? Or on the contrary had a love dream? Those emotions are too intense, often more than those we have in real life.

Olga said...

TI, you are so right about appreciating the company of people we love - here and now! we tend to take too many things for granted and then... well then it's too late.

Masa - I need to try your bubbles advice out now that it's winter! It never occurred to me but must be fun :) I thought Osaka would be a very modern city...why so little trees?
Yes, 07 is my shoe size - are we giants in Europe? :D I believe for Japan it would be 25.5.. do you really measure shoe sizes in cm? so simple and easy!

Matteo, I agree with you. It is interesting also because it is a mystery we might never be able to fully comprehend...

Anonymous said...

Of course i dreamed about someone i loved and of course i dreamed about losing someone.
I think that dreams make you live at 100% some emotions that in real life you can't live at 100%.
So everything is amplified, in a good or bad way.
Also so many times i dream about things totally unknown to me...and that is really a mistery too.

Olga said...

Matteo, I am not able to find your blog anymore.. Please don't say you you have removed it :((( - it is one of the best blogs I know...

Diatton said...

Dreams are very nice things but only a few (by the words "a few" i mean almost nothing) come true! Anyway, we have to live before we "leave"!