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I haven't yet slept since yesterday - instead I spent the whole night watching online live men's figure skating Olympics competition. It's incredible! Figure skating has been my favourite sport since I was a child (but to my shame I'm a better skier than skater). Isn't it the most beautiful, but also emotional and even dramatic sport? Totally worth spending a sleepless night ;) And I don't even feel tired. Lysacek's performance has been so impeccable and powerful! And Plushenko... well, he will always remain the figure skating genius - the one and only in his time.

Is anyone else also watching? :)


Michela said...

Hi Olga!
They are so fascinating and elegant! When are you supposed to come to the Alps?! ;-)
Have a good weekend!

Juana said...

Hi dear! I love to see skatig too... most the girls, they are so feminine and elegant.
What you say about smells is right, though I am almost "deaf" to smells, there are some that awakens some memories, like the smell of babies or the smell of spices, I even go from time to time to a big daily market in Rome, only to feel them!
Well, after all, Proust wrote three books only because he ate a maddelaine!
Have a wonderful weekend!

Mami said...

How fantastic time it was!! i was just glued at the TV all day long yesterday.

Olga said...

Absolutely, and very emotional as well! Daisuke Takahashi was really good, am sure next Olympics he is going to be a big threat to golden medal candidates.

Μαριανα said...

the pictures and the text emerge a beautiful feeling Olga :)

Manifesto Surrealista said...

Hello dear Olga,

When I was a child I always watched on TV all the Ice Skating Championships. I remember very well Jane Torvill a famous American ice skater who won several awards either on the World and the Olympics championship by the end of the 80’s and 90’s. She was so famous as a movie star. Although presently I never watch TV, in the past I was fascinated by the movement and somehow the romantic and gentle touch among pairs when they were dancing. It seemed on their face that there was so much emotions and feelings associated with the music and the dance. It moved me a lot. You know that when it comes to emotions I’m an idiot! Same happens today when I listen some music who really touches the bottom of my soul. If I would have to choose a skating music certainly I’d pick this, from John Barry (one of my favorite composers) from the film “Out of Africa”. I don’t know why but I always get tears in my eyes with this music. It's beautiful. Listen to it. Loud.And tell me what you felt. Love you, TI

JuanitaTortilla said...

Mm-hmm! Definitely the most dramatic and emotional sport. Funnily, I never grew up with Winter Olympics. Guess us people in the tropics can't quite relate to all that snow and winter season. But ice skating, yes, don't we all like to watch people dance? :) ... And those incredible jumps and turns!

Olga said...

Michela, am planning to go on the 7th of March for one week :)

TI, the music is wonderful! To me it is very nostalgic - I sense this feeling through mostly the whole song - the longing for the past and inability to turn it back.. but also a hope for the future.. I have never watched the movie though, and now I'm curious.