Norman Parkinson Photography

Cardin Hat over Paris. Queen, 1960

One of the great pioneers of fashion photography, Norman Parkinson is famous for his sense of style. Distinguished as one of the true innovators in his field, he pushed the boundaries by bringing the model out of the studio and onto the street. He set the model against unusual and daring backgrounds, such as the gritty working-class districts of London, and was a seminal influence on subsequent generations of fashion photogaphers.

Vogue 1955

Times Square, NYC, September 1949


Vogue, march 1951

Vogue, February 1950

Vogue, February 1948

Vogue, January 1949

Queen, August 31, 1960

American Vogue, October 1, 1949

Vogue, April 1 1950

Vogue, November 1956


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Outstanding photographs by a great artist!

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Congrats to point at such an artist!!

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Congratulations to the photographer who is a pioneer as he takes his heroes outdoor to make his masterpieces! Congratulations also to you that did a tribute to him by this post!

Have a nice Sunday night Olga...

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Great selection Olga!
This is the link for the snow effect:

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Gorgeous photography!

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hey all norman parkinson lovies there is an exhibition of his work on at summerset house, london, uk at the moment. great setting... i am sure he would have loved it and i would be suprised if hed never been there himself in person enjoy x