Mummies, skeletons, robots... and treadmills!

These 2 music videos which are quite different from each other both in their music genre and the way of interpretation. Still both of them are similar in their clever concept and seamless presentation. The first video is directed by the genious Michel Gondry, famous for his 'The Science of Sleep' and 'The Eternal Sunshine of The Spotless Mind' movies.

Video via Dailymotion

'Around The World' song has its distinctive structure: the music is great in its simplicity, the repetition is always used, and it stops just before it's too much. It is an attempt to bring choreography into music videos.

The second one is probably less famous, but is also very interesting:

Video via Dailymotion

This music video is arguably responsible for 'Here it goes again' song's success by Ok Go. It is an elaborate performance of the band dancing on treadmills in a single continuous take - another attempt at bringing organized dancing to music videos.

Is it just me or do you also see something similar in these 2 videos...?


Helen said...

I love OK Go! They ahve a lot of choreographed videos all done in one take, but the treadmill one is definitely my favourite! They do that routine on stage too!

Diatton said...

Sorry that i can't see your videos because i have a great problem with my net provider. But i am here, you know it!

Lifespanfitness Au said...

So cool videos, I didn't see the first one before, it is very interesting. The OK GOtreadmill video is fabulous, as the wholesaler of treadmills, I really love it, it is fantastic, cool stuff.