Image by LaLaLa

Image by LaLaLa

Room #7, Lalala artHotel. Charm, foam, whale and pistol.Welcome to a white and free variation. A mural on the wall - a girl swings with a pistol, a little airplane scorches along, a whale lazes about, water splashes. Hegemony of white. You can almost hear that purl of dripping water. It's a delicately whipped, soothing foam. Like marshmallows and down. Sparing dosage of foams, reasonable design. A shadow is cast by a counterpoint black crystal chandelier. A mental, joyful seclusion. A trinket, time to exhale, splashdown of post modernistic magic...

Room designed by Marek Mielnicki

Image by LaLaLa


Nichocacola said...

Hi! I've only just noticed a comment you left on my blog two months ago! Thanks for dropping by! I hope you enjoyed Exeter, and no weather never did get any better :( You have a fascinating site here, I was just looking at your Paris metro blog - amazing!

SkyTrail said...

Hello Olga! How are you today?
Today, I found you wrote your blog again.
I can read your new blog now.
It’s very nice for me and I think it’s the same thing to your followers.
I hope you continue it without any effort,like me. :)

Viagens pelo Mundo said...

Dear Olga,
Congratulations for your new visual and for the effort of coming back. I'm looking at your blog, from the other side of the world, and it's funny how close we feel from our friends in spite of these big distances. I'm so glad you´re back. The theme you chose is light and dreamfull. The charm of the enviroment surely applies to my feelings and I wish I could stay in this hotel one day. Maybe when I'll visit you next year. By the way, this is really a nice way to publicise your national products. You have done this previously on your blog. Congratulations for that. I'm really happy to keep on following you and hope you can continue to show us your beautiful posts. Hugs and kisses, TI