In continuation of my story about the fascinating LaLaLa arthotel the next room to get all the attention is Room 44.

Image by LaLaLa

That obscure object of desire and a furry-woody baroque surprise... Dreamy thicket, generator of difficult dreams, inspiration for naughty children. Here a strange narration is taking place - about crime, forbidden delight, a forest outing with no end, being lost in dreams; the Little Red Riding Hood meets the Wolf, sticking out her tongue at him and showing him the finger... The wall is adorned with blood-red and black mural by Jakub Rebelka and red antlers from Mr. Zastrozny's collection. The furniture has been picked up and the wall covered with a pitch-black (obviously artificial) pelt by Iwonka, Time for cuddles. Dripping crystals, antler-hangers, the door bears a black knocker in from of a male cherub and the gate to another dimension is guarded by two ravens and an owl. The overall ambience is oneiric, erotic and criminal.

Room designed by Jakub Rebelka and Iwona Cybula

Image by LaLaLa


SkyTrail said...

Hello Olga :)
Thank you for your kind comment. It’s very glad to hear you enjoy the beautiful season.
Anyway, my major field was science and I’m much interested in physics and math-my scores of arts were awfully bad :p Politics was far from me.
But, these were changed after the general election in this summer. The conservative party had ruled our country after the WWⅡ. Indeed, they did great job. But, recently, they couldn’t make up the clear direction of Japan. So, we voted the radical party and they won. I think there happened moderate revolution peacefully. The new prime minister makes new political idea one after another like New Deal by the President Roosevelt.
We are, in a sense, in the middle of the enthusiasm. I feel I’m seeing the one historical scene of our country. Everyday is interesting and exciting! Oh, I’m talking too much. :p
I want to see the beautiful autumn of your country and I hope you enjoy everyday.
Bye :)

Floss said...

Hi Olga - what in incredible room! It made me think, a little bit, of Roald Dahl's Revolting Rhymes for children - he re-tells Red Riding Hood in a very subversive way!

Viagens pelo Mundo said...

This is a very interesting scenario. I bet if this was my room my imagination would go pretty wild feeling between the dense forest and granny’s house.And in between there's plenty of room for this La La La thing! And the wolf…oh my God the crazy wolf! I bet I wouldn’t kill him, ok, maybe with some kisses. You see, You are exciting my imagination. I better get back to my books right now…you see I’m working you know or at least trying! :) Hugs and kisses. TI